Why I’m Running

Why I'm Running?

As a proud resident of Fuquay Varina for 6 years, I have witnessed the incredible pace at which our town is growing. There has been great strides in developing mixed-use properties. However, there is still more to be done. I am running because I care about the nature and pace of the continued growth. While growth is inevitable, the way in which our town continues to grow is essential. Inclusion is the key. We must build an inclusive town where all residents thrive regardless of their socio-economic status or chosen career path. Development must be inclusive of our growing senior population, families with small children, as well as the growing needs of our small business owners. Inclusion ensures prosperous growth and a sustainable quality of life for all residents. As Commissioner, I will work with and for my community to ensure our town continues to FLOWER into the best version of itself.

It is my desire to meet and speak with my follow neighbors and community members.

I look forward to gaining your support and hope on November,  5, 2019 you will Pick Flowers!